When it comes to soundproofing your ride, FatMat and Dynamat are two companies on the automotive market that boast of being the best at reducing sound control inside of vehicles.

Both of these sound deadening products are considered in the trade as the ultimate in soundproofing materials due to the quality, but here’s the kicker; because they are so good it’s hard to decide which is best.

Having worked on various soundproofing projects on cars, I’ve got my own preferred product.  And the winner is:

Why though?

I can usually pick it up cheaper, and whilst price isn’t the main consideration if you are trying to block and deaden sound, it certainly comes into the equation.

I also prefer the way in which it comes on the roll, which for the type of projects I do, is preferential.

I’ve also never found any real discernible difference in how the two perform against each other, with the FatMat vs Dynamat argument boiling down to the fact they seem to do as equal a good job.

FatMat Sound Deadener Explained

FatMat Sound Control are specialists in creating and producing sound dampening products, having been in the industry for many years now.

Their sound deadener products are aimed at eliminating those annoying and irritating sounds regularly heard in many vehicles such as vibrations, rattles and even the general noise from the road itself.

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FatMat believes that the one component nearly all car manufacturers miss out is the addition of some form of sound dampening protection. They feel the FatMat Sound Deadener instantly eliminates any noise effect, making the overall ride a lot smoother in comparison.

FatMat Sound Deadener is widely found as material on a roll which can be cut to the size you require. It is usually installed in areas such as the trunks, door panels, floors, dashboards or any other safe area of the vehicle where you tend to hear most noise from.

Pros of FatMat

  • Material can be calculated and ordered to specifications
  • Easy peel off release paper
  • Simple to cut
  • Super stick adhesive
  • Heat resistant aluminum coating
  • Fuses effortlessly to sheet metal as well as other hard substrates
  • Absorbs vibrations and noises and offers a noticeable reduction in sound
  • Complete with a money back guarantee

Cons of FatMat

  • Some customers report a strong smell when first installing this material, which can last for a few days to a few weeks in some cases
  • Once in place, it is tough to remove, and some note the residue left behind when it is taken off
  • A few customers find it difficult to install the product, and it needs care and attention as with all types of material
  • Many report it being unable to cope with the searing heat of some counties

Dynamat Explained

Dynamat is a widely known brand used by many custom builders who want to incorporate a more quiet and comfortable ride into their vehicle overall.

Another company well known and established in the industry for some time now, Dynamat’s overall mission is to deliver sound solutions to combat all unwanted noises and vibration in vehicles.

Dynamat products are reported to work more efficiently than other such types due to the liners used in their products. These work effortlessly at fighting low-frequency hums that come from the engines and exhaust systems of all cars.

When used on the interior sheet metal of your vehicle, Dynamat believe their products stop vibrations inside of your car and instantly reduce road noise.

Dynamat is available in made to measure packs and can be calculated as required to fit on all interior surfaces without any prior knowledge or expertise and doesn’t leave any visible traces.

Is Dynamat Worth the Money?

Pros of Dynamat

  • Can be bought as made to order specialty packs for specific target areas of the vehicle
  • Can try the product out in one small area and decide for yourself before purchasing the next set
  • Simple to cut and easy to install
  • Contains extensive ingredients which ensure some of the most effective sound control materials on the market
  • Material is stretchy and will not tear easily
  • Odorless

Cons of Dynamat

  • Some customers are not keen on having to buy boxes of Dynamat as opposed to rolls of the material
  • Can become quite costly for those wanting to cover the whole of the car interior
  • Some customers believe the product is quite expensive and often deemed as the higher-priced product on the market
  • It has been suggested as one of the more difficult of materials to fit and can take quite a few hours to install

Who Wins the Soundproof Battle?

Overall, regarding the best product, it is sometimes best to go by personal experience and find out which product works better for your own car.

For me, the Fatmat vs Dynamat argument is won by the former.

Personally, I believe that both FatMat and Dynamat are good brands, offering excellent sound deadener products and equally good finishes. Whilst Dynamat just has the edge of being a more trusted and respected brand, I prefer the option of being able to buy this material from the roll and spending less money.

So, it’s perhaps more of a case of assessing the pros and cons as to what you require the most when completing the task of soundproofing your car.

Certainly, Dynamat currently seems to fair better than FatMat regarding overall quality, as well as satisfied customer reviews. But I’ve found no difference in the actual end results of the products when compared side by side.