While we should all learn to get along with our neighbors, but there may come a time when you need to be able to block out the noise from those nearest to you. You can achieve a lot of this just by using some cheap and soundproofing methods.

From loud TV sounds to the thumping of music and even people in conversation, with so many of us enjoying our downtime in the home, many people find themselves searching for a practical way to drown out and soundproof such everyday noises from our next-door neighbors.

Soundproofing can also be a practical idea for those working irregular shift patterns, who require those all-important eight hours of sleep even when the sun is up! 

I am going to show you just what you can do if you want to know how to block out noise from the neighbors, and it won’t cost a lot of money either.

Quick Fixes for Renters or Those Wanting Minimal Fuss Solutions

Perhaps the area you want to soundproof is in one room, or you need a simple soundproofing solution against the neighbors noise which doesn’t cost the earth. There are a few quick fixes which get the job done efficiently.

Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic wall panels are wooden panels covered with a fabric texture. They are designed to absorb and eliminate offending sounds coming through the wall. These panels are perhaps some of the most straightforward solutions to fit to a wall as it’s just as easy as mounting a picture frame.

Acoustic wall panels are quick fixes and best of all, can be removed easily or added to when needed with the minimum of hassle – making them ideal for renters in an apartment.

A sufficient area of the wall needs to be covered with these panels to ensure the result of absorption is adequate, and this needs to be considered when purchasing the right number of these products.

Acoustic Design Works sell these multipurpose panels on Amazon (view prices now) in a massive selection of over 40 color choices.

Customers tend to prefer such boards as they not only work on absorbing noise, but they allow for a mixture of decoration techniques in the vibrant colors on offer.

Mass Loaded Vinyl

Some people prefer to use a vinyl covering which also acts as a barrier and is directly applied to the offending wall and floor. Widely used in vehicles to reduce the humming of irritating sounds, mass loaded vinyl is a material which can be bought on the roll and made to measure as required. It is designed for hanging on walls, or even placing on floors, and helps deaden offending sounds.

Considered the easier of products to fit, this is certainly a quick fix and can make a difference when it is used to cover a complete area. All it requires is tacking to the wall.

For a more profound effect, such vinyl can be layered and used in multiples to create a better solution. Just be aware that the color is often basic black, which means you may have to be creative about how you decorate this area once it is on the wall!

Trademark Sound Proofing is Amazon’s Choice (view latest prices now) for a useful soundproof barrier using mass loaded vinyl. Designed to block sound between walls, this product is a heavier choice which customers do report a difference when using in their property.

Foam Wall Panels

Additionally, Burton Acoustix provides a slightly cheaper variation (view on Amazon) on acoustic panels, in the shape of packs of solid foam acoustic panels. These are worth mentioning merely because sound engineers themselves have designed them!

Made with a high NRC rating, Burton’s panels claim to reduce unwanted noise with their super dense and durable product which can be fitted to the wall with just tape or blu-tack! Many customers have reported a dampening of sounds when used on walls and a decrease in general noise coming through the walls.

A word of warning though, when searching for foam soundproofing treatments and tiles such as this, it pays to makes sure the products you buy are the right ones for the job.

A quick search for soundproofing on Amazon will yield many results but mainly for soundproofing your own room to prevent it disturbing your neighbor; often doing nothing to block their noise in your place!

Permanent or Long-Term Solutions for Home Owners

For those that own their own property, a long-term soundproofing possibility exists in the form of installing a drywall in between you and your neighbors. This will certainly help to block noisy neighbor sounds a lot better than the previous cheaper solutions.

This may seem extensive (and expensive) but can be done in a matter of days and instantly adds an additional layer to the offending wall and an instant soundproof barrier.

If you want to see how to do it, and how it works then I recommend the Family Handyman website; click here to see how.

Once the wall is in place, it is then just a case of refitting plugs and decorating the new wall, but otherwise, no-one will be any of the wiser about the addition, except the person who did all the work!

However, for many people installing a whole new wall on their property just isn’t an option and is often considered quite an extreme decision. Yet, that’s not to say there aren’t other methods out there to try. 

Most Noise Blocking Products Can Be Hidden

When selecting any type of soundproofing, one of your concerns may be the look of such items. There’s no denying that vinyl and foam panels placed on the wall do not look attractive in any room!

However, if it is an area of the room you wish to cover, there is a possibility of decorating over such items and even placing them behind pictures or large centerpieces on the wall to disguise their appearance.

Choosing the Right Solution Based on The Extent of Neighboring Noise

Finally, when soundproofing a wall which sits in between you and a noisy neighbor, the solution you choose depends strongly on the extent of the noise.

If you find yourself really struggling with the offending sounds and it is a constant problem, unfortunately installing a drywall between you and the original wall may be the only solution which will offer you any real comfort.

However, if the noise you are looking at reducing is from everyday items such as TVs, stereos or sounds you would expect to hear from neighbors in general, soundproofing products such as acoustic wall panels and mass loaded vinyl could be more effective in dampening the effect.