Many readers of the Soundproof Guide have asked me if it is possible to soundproof a door with a blanket. Doors are the main source of noise coming in, or out of a room so it makes sense that this might be the place you want to start with your DIY project.

By using a blanket, you will get a degree of soundproofing, but at most it won’t be very effective. All it will probably do is absorb sound, and lessen the echo in your room.

From an acoustics and science perspective, the best soundproofing is done using thick materials.

Now obviously the fact you want to use a blanket to soundproof your door, might mean that you are looking for a cheap or discreet solution.

If you do decide to tack a standard blanket to your door, at best it’s only going to have a very small effect. Go ahead and do it, but chances are you will be disappointed.

However, there are specialist soundproofing blankets that you can use, which offer a far better solution for stopping and reducing noise.

In this article, I am going to take a look at a few of those for you, including which ones I recommend you purchase.

How to Soundproof Your Door with a Blanket

Before I do that though, here’s what you will need to do with the blanket to soundproof the door:

  1. Measure the blanket and cut to fit
  2. Ensure that it covers the entire door
  3. Use tacks to attach to the door

The Best Soundproofing Blankets for Doors

Before I go any further I need to explain one thing. If you do decide to purchase any of these products, you will probably need to cut them to fit.

It’s key to success that you cover the entire door, and don’t leave any gaps.

Sound is very clever, it will find a gap and exploit it.

So when you buy any of the following, make sure it fits tightly.

Singer Safety Double-Quilted Fibreglass Panel

The best on the market, and the most expensive. It can be cut to fit, and then you will need to tack it to the internal side of the door as already explained. It’s highly rated on Amazon and has very good reviews from people who have used it to soundproof a door.

You might expect to pay between $250 and $280 for one of these, but it will be money well spent if you are serious about the noise and sound. See the latest prices on Amazon now.

Econo Mover Moving Blankets

This is a very cheap option, and if you decide to buy I would recommend you overlay them to create as many layers as possible. Even then you might only expect a noise reduction of around 25%.

You should expect to pay around $150 for a pack of 12, giving you enough layers to do a half-decent door soundproofing project. See the latest prices on Amazon now.

Extra Soundproofing Tips for Your Door – YOU MUST DO THIS!

As I mentioned earlier in this guide, sound will escape or enter through any gap.

Whilst you might be able to use a blanket on the door itself, there will still be gaps to the sides of the door as well as a crack underneath.

You won’t get great results by just using a blanket.

To properly soundproof the door, you need to fill these gaps somehow.

My recommendations would be weatherstripping inside of the door frame, and then a draught guard under the door.

Adhesive weatherproof strip

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The image to the right explains how weatherstripping works, but essentially it will close all the gaps inside of the frame to stop noise escaping and is very cheap and easy to do.

The two products are cheaply available on Amazon using the links below:

Get all of those gaps plugged, and you will have the best soundproofed door possible, with exception to actually buying a built for purpose solid-core door – which would be lots of money.

Hope this helps!