Want to know how to reduce blender noise, or looking for tips on how to make a blender quieter? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you are in the right place.

Most of the guides on this website require you to build something.

Today’s a little bit different because there’s already a product out there which will let you silence your smoothie blender – and that’s called blender sound enclosure.

There are cheap ones and expensive ones. You can see for yourself how much they cost! Don’t do that though, that’s crazy.

Affordable Soundproofed Blender Products

Instead buy a cheap one. It will work just as well, and won’t break the bank at less than $150 in most cases. The ones I like are available on Amazon.com – here’s a selection of just two that you can look at.

They both have acrylic cases that let you enclose your blender inside, offering a soundproofed and silent juicer that won’t wake up the neighbors!

Or… Buy an Already Silent Blender

There is also a blender on the market which already comes packaged in a sound enclosure. If you are thinking about upgrading your smoothie maker, then I would recommend buying this product on Amazon by itself (view it here) – it does away with having to have 2 things to think about when juicing.

Don’t Want to Spend Any Money?

If you don’t wish to buy a product that will take up space in your kitchen, just to soundproof your juicer, then carry on reading, as I’ve got some alternative tips that will also help – and might mean you don’t need to buy one of these silencer products. 

Tip 1: Move Your Blender or Juicer Away from the Wall

In many smaller kitchens, your juicer or smoothie blender might near a wall. This is a mistake, because as you know if you’ve read other guides on my website, walls can reflect noise back!

The loud noise from the blender will bounce and echo off of your walls, with the volume sounding much louder than in reality it is.

My advice would be to move the blender into a space as far away from the wall as you can. This one simple hack could mean you manage to quieten the noise from your blender without having to buy anything – go try it now!

Tip 2: Place Your Blender on a Cloth or Silicone Mat

You are going to have a cloth or towel in your kitchen – put the juicer on top of it. This will help to reduce the vibrational noise that you hear when blending smoothies.

If that’s still not quite giving the desired soundproofing solution, consider buying a silicone mat. Silicone will absorb a lot of the noise from the juicer, and should reduce the noise volume significantly.

If you don’t have a silicone mat to hand then go buy one on Amazon – they are very cheap and you can see prices by clicking here. 

Tip 3: Do Your Blending at a Different Time

Not ideal. But most of the time the noise from your blender could be waking people up in your house – especially if it’s the first thing you do in the morning.

So why not blend and juice the night before and keep the smoothie in the fridge overnight?

By doing this you might even not have to rush to work as quickly as you normally do, so definitely a “win-win” scenario! 


Over the last few years, smoothie makers and juicers have become massively popular.

But the health gurus never told you loud and noisy the things are did they?

If you are still frustrated by the noise and volume, and can’t be bothered to soundproof your smoothie maker, then all I can suggest is that you either wear earplugs, or take a trip to your local smoothie shop instead!