The constant drone of a washing machine is enough to drive anybody up the wall. It’s low pitched rumble is a common annoyance over a weekend. If you have a large family, then the washing machine will run the entire day without rest.

A washing machine uses an electric motor to spin your clothes with water inside a big drum. The sound of the motor and the sloshing are what make it such a noisy machine. Luckily for us, reducing the noise from and soundproofing a washing machine is a cheap and easy exercise.

If you do not have the luxury of a separate laundry room in your house, then the only option is to sound proof your washing machine. Most of the noise that you find annoying will be produced by vibrations – which are really quick and easy to fix and you hardly have to spend any money to do this.

Now, you might have seen some guides on Google and other websites that involve having to build a soundproofed enclosure.

Do you honestly have time to do that? And what if you did build it and you still had annoying noise coming from your washing machine?

For me, that’s not worth the effort.

How to Stop Washing Machine Vibration Noise in 10 Minutes

What I recommend you do is use rubber matting and sound absorbing vibration pads underneath the washing machine – this will kill 90% of the noise problems you are experiencing.

Here’s what you need:

  1. Anti-vibration rubber mat (view on Amazon)
  2. Shock absorbing pads (view on Amazon)

It’s ridiculously easy to do.

Get someone to help lift up the washing machine, and slide the rubber mat underneath it.

Once that’s done, place the shock absorbing pads under each foot of the washing machine.

Hey presto! You will now have a quieter washing machine, I promise you.

Final Thoughts

Steer clear from urban legends for sound insulation. Egg boxes do not work at all and neither will any thermal insulation material.

You might also be interested in a recent guide I produced showing you how to soundproof a laundry room using similar cheap, and easy to do DIY steps. You can read that here.