Welcome to the Soundproof Guides by Justin

I am Justin Lacroix and have completed countless soundproofing projects in my home. What started out as a little side project to soundproof my home office soon snowballed (my wife would say “out of hand”) into soundproofing other areas in my home.

I work as a web designer from my home office, so wanted peace and quiet from the kids so that I could properly.

After a couple of successful project though, I started to think what else I could do around the house the home – hence the launch of the Soundproof Guides – putting my progress and success online, plus my knowledge as a web guy seemed like a great idea at the time.

Since launching I’ve had so much feedback from people that I have helped, and continue to do this day.

In fact, some of my regular readers have even contributed their own guides to the website.

Anyway, I hope you find something here that helps you out – not only in completing your project but also in saving money.

If I can soundproof stuff with no formal training, then you can too.

Speak to you soon!